Seattle, Washington Concrete Raising – The Cost-Effective Alternative to Replacement

With the number of rainy days in Seattle there’s always a chance that over time the soil around your concrete patio, walkway or driveway can erode, causing your concrete to sink or shift. As a proud Seattle homeowner you like to keep your property looking its best, but your sinking concrete has been a conundrum for you. You’re not sure where to turn and you fear costly concrete replacement. If the slabs are still intact you believe there could be a chance to level the concrete, but some of the solutions you’ve heard about, such as mudjacking, seem disruptive and costly. What to do?

Foamjection is the Answer for Concrete Lifting in Seattle Washington

Thankfully in many cases homeowners don’t have to get rid of their concrete slabs. It’s more cost-effective and much less intrusive to get your concrete leveled by Foamjection in Seattle. Foamjection offers specialists all over the country, with several in Washington; including in Seattle. Foamjection was developed by HMI, a manufacturer of concrete lifting equipment and materials. As concrete leveling experts, we bring our solution to your home. It’s a very easy process that provides same-day results with minimal disruption to your property. There will be no heavy machinery entering your yard. We use a drill to create holes the size of a dime in the area that needs leveling. Then we pump in our specialized Foamjection foam, which is made from 39-49% recycled and renewable materials. This is foam containing no harmful chemicals so it will not cause any environmental damage. Its job is to raise concrete and it does that job perfectly!

What Happens When the Concrete Lifting is Completed?

Your Seattle Foamjection contractor applies foam plugs over the small drill holes and then patches those with concrete. Your raised concrete is ready to be used immediately! You get these benefits at roughly half the cost of replacing your concrete, and you can keep the look of your walk, patio, or driveway that you’re used to. It’s possible with Foamjection concrete raising foam.

Get Your Free Concrete Leveling Estimate Today

In Seattle there are many rainy days, and while we don’t get as many downpours as some cities do, little by little water can take its toll on the ground beneath your concrete. Why not get your FREE concrete raising estimate today and solve your concrete sinking problem once and for all? With Foamjection in Seattle you will be working with expert concrete leveling contractors who understand our local area and who can get your concrete level again, reducing tripping hazards.

Now’s the right time to deal with your sinking concrete. Get your FREE Foamjection estimate and look forward to restoring your property to its former glory – you can do it with Foamjection!

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