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Concrete Solution Systems  was established in 2012 and has been successfully performing a wide variety of polyurethane injection, waterproofing in consulting projects since then. Owner, Geoff Larrance has 25 years of contracting background ranging from large-scale commercial projects to residential work.

-Experienced staff– Our fully trained staff bring years of construction and restoration experience to each job they handle.
-Fast and professional installation – Most repair jobs only take one day to complete and are significantly less disruptive than other methods.
-Property restored – Concrete can be walked on minutes after installation.
-Emergency response – We’re available around the clock to assist with your emergency repair issue
-Free Estimate – We offer thorough, free inspections and estimates.

I had Concrete Solution Systems come level my slab around the back of my house after the 70 year winter last year saw it sink quite a bit. I had originally had a competitor bid on it that markets them selves all the time with flyers in the mail, on-line, etc., but it felt like shaky ground due to the high price and the sales tactic…Geoff came in 20% less expensive and his assessment was no ‘push’, but felt rather like a straight-forward assessment of what the problem was, how it could best be poly-leveled. As it was early in the season, they came out within two weeks, and got the job done in less than a day, and to my satisfaction. This method is not inexpensive but it beats mud-jacking on so many counts and as pricing goes I’m pretty well convinced Geoff is the most economical option around town. The customer service (communication, timeliness, courteousness, follow-up, etc.) was great as well, which I’ve found to be a real problem with most contractors around this town. I even called Geoff a little while ago to get some advice on something unrelated and he totally took the time to provide options, and advised me where to go get the right product and tools. I’d recommend these guys.

Steve W. – Lake Oswego, Or

Portland, Oregon Concrete Leveling – Effective & Affordable Foamjection

Everyone that lives in Portland, Oregon is familiar with the changeable weather we get here. For example; on some days in the winter it can be snowing, or raining hard, then in a day or two it’s sunny again.  This isn’t unusual for us; but we don’t see what’s happening under the ground. All of these changes can affect the soil beneath concrete walks, patios, driveways and other areas, causing them to sink over time. The result is uneven concrete slabs that can be tripping hazards, and then also allow for more rain water and melting snow to accumulate and potentially damage the slabs. Homeowners can get really frustrated with this cycle and worry that their concrete is unsalvageable. Foamjection has a terrific solution that can raise concrete and save money over replacement. Foamjection offers specialists all over the country, with several in Portland. Let’s take a look and see how the Foamjection process works.

Concrete Leveling is Our Specialty

When you call your Portland, Oregon Foamjection service you’re tapping into a national network – this concrete raising product was developed by HMI, a manufacturer of concrete lifting equipment and materials. As concrete leveling experts, we bring our solution to your home. The first thing you’ll love is that no heavy equipment will drive onto your lawn. Our specialists will use long hoses to pump our specialized foam beneath your concrete, raising it to its former level position. You can rest assured that the whole Foamjection concrete lifting process is easy and fast; you’ll get to use your space immediately. It’s as simple as drill (small holes the size of a dime), pump (foam specially made to lift concrete) and patch (plug the holes and patch with concrete).

Benefits of Foamjection for Your Property & the Environment

With Foamjection you can feel good about raising your concrete using our product. Our concrete leveling foam contains no harmful chemicals, and since you are raising and not replacing your concrete, that means no slabs in the landfill. Plus our foam is made from 39-49% recycled and renewable materials. The material won’t leach anything harmful into the ground and is created specifically for lifting concrete.

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