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Even though Kansas City, Missouri gets an average of 215 sunny days per year, seasonal fluctuations and localized weather and soil issues can take their toll on concrete. At first it’s imperceptible…the seams between your concrete walk in front of your Kansas City home look a bit loose. Then over time you notice that one or more of the slabs has sunken. As the months and years take their toll via water erosion and the ground heaving after many seasons of hot and cold weather, you start to see definite signs of uneven concrete. It occurs to you that your walk looks different and it’s hard to figure how you might get it to look like it did when brand new. You know that this isn’t a sustainable situation – what to do?

Replacing your concrete walk appears to be the only solution; but wait! Concrete leveling using Foamjection can save you money and restore your concrete slabs to their original level, all in one day! Foamjection offers specialists all over the country, with several in Missouri; including in Kansas City. Let’s examine how Foamjection concrete leveling foam can take care of your concrete problem.

First, Request Your Free Foamjection Estimate

Our Kansas City Foamjection specialists will come to your home to view your concrete and provide a free estimate for the job. On average, foam concrete raising costs about half as much as concrete replacement. Plus you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you won’t be adding to the landfill with your old concrete slabs, you’ll simply be raising them. The Foamjection product is made from 39-49% recyclable and renewable materials. There are no harmful chemicals in this specialized foam. It’s made to do the job of raising concrete.

How Foamjection Works

You may be wondering about the Foamjection process – exactly how does it work? The process is very straightforward and causes minimal disruption to your property. There will be no heavy trucks rumbling through your yard. We use a hose connected to our truck to pump the foam under the concrete. First we drill several small holes – only the size of a dime – near the area needing to be raised. Next the foam is pumped in to level the concrete. Then we apply foam plugs and concrete patch. This minimally invasive concrete lifting technique allows you to enjoy your concrete walk (or any other concrete we have raised for you) immediately!

Problem Solved & Your Concrete Is Usable Immediately!

As a proud Kansas City, Missouri homeowner we know you want a concrete leveling solution that is going to work. Plus you want a service that’s cost-effective and that allows you to keep your existing concrete slabs. Foamjection can deliver the results you want and re-establish your concrete walk, driveway, patio and more. We also offer Deep Foamjection that can stabilize the ground, even if ground water is present.

Ready for your FREE Foamjection estimate? You can feel assured about the quality of our concrete leveling foam and our service. Foamjection was developed by HMI, a manufacturer of concrete lifting equipment and materials. As concrete leveling experts, we bring our solution to your home and eliminate tripping hazards and potential concrete structural damage. Contact Foamjection in Kansas City, MO today to learn more!

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