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Everyone that lives in Denver, CO is familiar with the changeable weather we get here. For example; on some days in the winter it can be snowing hard, then in a day or two it’s warm again and the snow rapidly melts. This isn’t unusual for us; but we don’t see what’s happening under the ground. All of these changes can affect the soil beneath concrete walks, patios, driveways and other areas, causing them to sink over time. The result is uneven concrete slabs that can be tripping hazards, and then also allow for more water, snow and ice to accumulate and potentially damage the slabs. Homeowners can get really frustrated with this cycle and worry that their concrete is unsalvageable. Foamjection has a terrific solution that can raise concrete and save money over replacement. Foamjection offers specialists all over the country, with several in Colorado; including in Denver. Let’s take a look and see how the Foamjection process works.

Specialized Concrete Leveling Foam

When one hears about foam, scary headlines come to mind about chemicals that could potentially leach out, causing environmental damage. This is not the case with Foamjection foam. Our foam is specifically made for concrete raising and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. In fact, it is made from 39-49% recycled and renewable materials. Its job is to fill the gap where soil has shifted, allowing concrete slabs to be raised level again. The process is very straightforward: it consists of drill, pump, and patch. First a Denver Foamjection specialist will provide a free estimate to the homeowner. Then when the job begins, several small holes the size of a dime are drilled near the slab to be raised. We run a hose to these spots and pump in the Foamjection foam. There’s no need to run heavy machinery across the yard with our foam jacking method.

Quick & Effective Concrete Leveling

Once the slabs have been leveled, we plug the holes with foam plugs and patch them with concrete. The leveled areas can be immediately used! Plus Foamjection concrete lifting is about only half the cost of concrete replacement. Homeowners get to keep the look they’re used to, and there are no concrete slabs going to the landfill. That’s a win-win for everyone!

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It’s important to act now for a FREE Foamjection estimate so sunken concrete slabs can be raised before they sustain structural damage. With Foamjection’s effective and easy process, homeowners can get back to enjoying their walks, patios and driveways without worry about broken slabs or tripping hazards.

Right now is the perfect time to deal with sunken concrete, once and for all. Get a FREE estimate from Denver’s concrete leveling specialists – Foamjection!

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