A residential home in Manitowoc, Wisconsin had uneven concrete on the driveway. Uneven concrete slabs can present safety issues, damage vehicle tires, and look unappealing. The home owners do not want to pay the $3.000 quote for replacement but want to fix the tripping hazards.
The local Foamjection Contractor came to the home and gave a free estimate of $900 which was less than half the price of the quoted replacement. In less than two hours the driveway was leveled and was ready to be used immediately versus days it would have took to replace. Nearly invisible 5/8 inch (size of a dime) injection points were drilled and refilled with new cement. The concrete driveway is back to it’s original, correct level. The foam used for this project was polyurethane foam, this foam is specifically designed for residential concrete raising. polyurethane foam is USDA Certified Biobased Product and made from 40% recycled material, making it the “greenest” polyurethane foam on the market and leaves the smallest carbon footprint in comparison to any other foam in the industry.

Manitowoc Concrete Lifting

“For many years, we watched 3 slabs of cement (10 x 10 ft) , sink on our driveway. We thought we would have to bust the concrete and start over which would have been costly and a hard job. Then a friend told us about concrete lifting and it was a fraction of the cost and looks brand new. I only wish we would have heard about them sooner!”

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