Houston – Fort Worth, TX Concrete Leveling Service

With unpredictable weather patterns increasing in recent years, soil erosion is something that homeowners in Houston and Fort Worth, TX have become more concerned about. When soils shift concrete can become unstable, and slabs that make up walkways, patios, driveways, and even roads can move out of alignment. Sunken concrete can be unsightly, but that is only part of the problem. It can cause tripping hazards and also lead to concrete structural damage. What’s needed is a fix that can withstand the harsh effects of the weather. The solution also should ideally be affordable for homeowners. Thankfully Foamjection offers concrete leveling specialists all over the country, with several in Texas; including in the Houston – Fort Worth area.

Concrete Leveling is Our Specialty

When you call your Houston – Fort Worth Foamjection service you’re tapping into a national network – this concrete raising product was developed by HMI, a manufacturer of concrete lifting equipment and materials. As concrete leveling experts, we bring our solution to your home. The first thing you’ll love is that no heavy equipment will drive onto your lawn. Our specialists will use long hoses to pump our specialized foam beneath your concrete, raising it to its former level position. You can rest assured that the whole Foamjection concrete lifting process is easy and fast; you’ll get to use your space immediately. It’s as simple as drill (small holes the size of a dime), pump (foam specially made to lift concrete) and patch (plug the holes and patch with concrete).

Benefits of Foamjection for Your Property & the Environment

With Foamjection you can feel good about raising your concrete using our product. Our concrete leveling foam contains no harmful chemicals, and since you are raising and not replacing your concrete, that means no slabs in the landfill. Plus our foam is made from 39-49% recycled and renewable materials. The material won’t leach anything harmful into the ground and is created specifically for lifting concrete.

Free Estimate Gets You the Answers You Need

Now is the perfect time to get your concrete leveled – contact the Houston – Fort Worth Foamjection company for your FREE estimate! Our easy concrete leveling process costs roughly half that of concrete replacement. We’ll be glad to come to your property and provide you with an estimate and explain the Foamjection process in person to you. With its cost-effectiveness and the ability to use your walk, patio or driveway immediately, Foamjection is a great choice for fixing your concrete. Get in touch with Foamjection today and make sunken concrete a thing of the past!